Center Point

Located in the posh area of Faisalabad, this commercial plaza consists of , Office complex and a planned hotel tower. Ample car parking is giving on three sides of the building. Two basements are also reserved for parking.

Al-Fatah Store

Al-Fatah store is located onside the building. Huge local and international variety makes it a favourite shopping destination for the whole family

Al-Fatah store is one of the most favourite super store of the country. Its presence at the Center Point gives visitors a chance to visit their favourite super store while shopping at brands.

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Complete Shopping Experience

Huge variety of local and international top brands are available at Center Point Shopping Mall.


Located in the posh area of Kohinoor City, on main main Jaranwala road facing famous D-ground - right opposit the signal in Faisalabad, Its location makes it easily accessible and nearby shopping point.

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Now a days, parking is a very big hassel in daily life espacially when it comes to shopping. To cater this problem, Center points has three side open vast parking space. One huge basement is also reserved for parking.